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Homeless Feed : Serving Humanity

On Wednesday 13th June, St Stephen’s hosted its first Community dinner. We worked alongside two local charities, Serving Humanity and the Renewal Project, to invite several members of the community, who are living in difficult circumstances.

The evening began with the guests enjoying tea and coffee, whist they watched a performance by the St Stephen’s choir. After, everyone enjoyed a dinner, which was prepared by staff and parents from the school. The guests were then able to pick up gift bags and a selection of clothing generously donated by parents.

As well as hosting the community dinner, the school has donated money to the charities involved and donated ‘Start a Home' packs to the renewal project.

We would like to thank everyone involved in the evening, particularly the parents who gave such generous donations. We hope to keep supporting our community in the future.​

St Stephen's School was pleased to support the "Serving Humanity" charity that works within the local community. Below is a post from their Facebook page after a very successful evening..

"St Stephens School in East London have got the 'Serving Humanity' bug.. 

Today, they held a special community dinner for the Homeless and Needy within their  community which was organised by one of our members Fozia Ramzan (also deputy head of school) and the parents, staff (special mention to Jen Ward) and governors of the school..

Approx. 30 guests attended where they witnessed a beautiful performance of songs by a group children from the school.

Staff member Jen Ward then welcomed the guests and showed appreciation to all those who attended and assisted in the organisation of the event.

Ash Khan then met with Neena Lall (Head of school) and commended her and her team for preparing a wonderful programme for the guests and encouraged her to continue with the good work the staff, parents and children were partaking in..

The guests were then fed a delicious meal prepared by the local parents and dinner lady Sue (who made a delicious biryani).

The school then also provided excellent gifts and goody bags for all the guests to take away with them.

One of the guests Ed said "I am very grateful to the staff of St Stephens School and the Serving Humanity team for inviting me and appreciate the hospitality shown by all, God bless you all.. it's nice to know there are many generous souls out there looking out for us"..

A massive well done to all those associated with St Stephens School 👍🙏👏👏👏 "