St.Stephen's School

Heritage Exhibition

My Family Heritage Project Exhibition

Over the Easter holiday children were set the task of learning all about their family’s heritage , and they certainly rose to the challenge! On Thursday 20th April the school hall was filled to bursting with the students’ spectacular projects.

The projects showcased the students’ family histories and the customs, traditions, and stories that have been passed down through generations. They have worked hard to create displays that share their findings and highlight the unique aspects of their cultural backgrounds.

We hope everyone who came, learned more about the incredible diversity of our school community and the heritage and traditions that make us who we are. We hope that this project will inspire our students to continue to explore their family histories and cultural backgrounds, and that it will foster a greater appreciation for the importance of preserving and sharing our collective cultural heritage.

Here are some comments from parents and children who attended the exhibition: 

It is important to show and represent their heritage, thanks to the school for giving the children the opportunity to represent their identity in a beautiful manner.”

Diversity at its best!