St.Stephen's School

Harvest Festival

Harvest is the time when we are thankful for the food we have; food which has
been growing over the year and stored for us to use in the future, as well as
fresh produce. St. Stephen’s Primary School has gathered many food products
such as dry rice, pasta, crisps and cereals.

The donations we received this year were shared between St Stephen’s School
Children’s Centre, Salvation Army Foodbank, Newham Foodbank at East Ham
and Newham Renewal Programme Foodbank

At our Harvest Assembly, we had Dawn Evans, from the Salvation Army in
Wakefield Street, leading our celebration. She reminded us that we have eyes
like potatoes; ears like corn and hearts like lettuces, and can use these to help
others. She then met with the Student Council to share how the food donations
are distributed at the Salvation Army.

On behalf of the groups who will be receiving the produce, we thank all parents,
carers and children for generously donating all their dry food and contributing
to the abundant display we have this year.