St.Stephen's School

HNF Enrichment - London Zoo Visit

Upper Key Stage 2 pupils recently enjoyed a wonderful day visiting the many species and varieties of animals at London Zoo. Despite the rainy weather, we started the day walking excitedly to the tube station and enjoyed arriving at the newly refurbished Monument station. It was like being in an airport. We joined the many commuters on the Northern Line to Camden Town. What a busy and exciting place to be!

We started our walk towards Regent’s Park with lots of other school groups. With no queues in sight, we entered the zoo without any waiting around and made our way to the reptile house. Before seeing the giant python, we spotted an ancient looking alligator, a blue dart frog and many species of lizard. They were all camouflaged and difficult to see, except for the blue dart frog of course. We loved finding and collecting facts about each animal, especially the tigers, gibbons and penguins. 

Our top priority was to see the giraffes! We walked quickly ‘into Africa,’ passed the hippos and saw three majestic giraffes leaning out of their cabins. We were stunned by their beauty and excited to spot zebras close by too.

What a day!