St.Stephen's School

HMS Belfast

Ahoy there sailors!

A very lucky group of children from years two and three visited HMS Belfast this week. If you are not sure, HMS Belfast is a warship moored in the Thames opposite the Tower of London. It was used using World War II and the D-Day landings but was decomissioned (put out of use) in 1952. We learnt all about its history during our visit.

On our walk towards the ship we also looked at famous London monuments that we could see around us, including the Shard, the Gherkin, the Monument, the Tower of London, Tower Bridge....the list goes on!

We took part in an educational session where we were able to experience the life of a sailor, and we learnt about sleeping in a hammock and that they even had a jail on board!

We then explored the ship, looking on all the different decks and climbing up and down ladders. We saw the dentist and the surgery, and also compared the difference between how the captian lived and how the sailors lived. We all decided that we would rather be captains!