St.Stephen's School

Friendship day

On the 11th February 2014 we celebrated Friendship Day. This whole school event was an important and successful day. In each class, children wore orange clothes, instead of their usual school uniform, to show their support for the day. Children across the school taught games to each other in the playground. Older children buddied up with some of the younger children to help them learn new games. We also invented some new games of our own, thinking about the rules and how we would play them. In many classes we talked about what makes a good friend and what friendship means. Some year groups also created acrostic poems from words such as friendship

Some of our children are now being trained as play leaders, to continue leading games outside and make sure that all children feel included. The money we raised on the day will buy a new friendship bench, which will be a place for children to meet and make new friends.

We had such a good day, showing friends how much we appreciate them and making new friends along the way. Our Play leaders will take responsibility for continuing this work each playtime.