St.Stephen's School

Forest Schools

Reception had their very first visit to Aldersbrook Forest!  We had to take two buses to get there!  On the bus we sat with our partners and sang lots of forest related songs including “Old McBoris has a forest.” 

When we arrived at the forest we met the Ancient Tree who guards the forest and we made a promise to only take what the forest gives us.  We then took a trek through the forest.  We visited the pond and the Dragon’s Lair!  We listened very carefully and we could hear the dragon’s heavy snoring.  We tiptoed past so that we wouldn’t wake him!

We made our way to the Little People Village where we had a chance to explore and have our picnic lunch.  We did lots of climbing, running, balancing, and jumping!  We impressed our mums and dads with our risk taking and independence.  We saw some dens that other people had built and after exploring them we made our own little houses!  We also collected lots of beautiful conkers, sticks, and leaves for using back at school.

We would like to say a big thank you to Sue for making our picnic and to all the mums, dads, and additional adults who came on the trip with us!