St.Stephen's School

First Aid Workshops

We were very lucky to have Katia from Mini First Aid come and deliver First Aid sessions to Key Stage 2 as part of our RHE curriculum. We learnt a lot and our teachers did too!

We all knew the emergency number 999 but we learnt how important it is to know our home addresses and the importance of saying exactly where we are. We learnt how to conduct a primary survey and deliver CPR. We all had a go at chest compressions and were surprised at how tiring it was.

Do you know what the recovery position is and when it should be used? Year 3 learnt that if someone is unresponsive but breathing you should put them in the recovery position. Year 4 practised their bandaging skills and Year 5 learnt how to help someone who is gagging or choking. Year 6 had a go at using an AED or Automatic External Defibrillator. 

We were very fortunate to learn these lifesaving skills. We recapped with our teachers and told our parents about what we had learnt for our homework. 

Thank you so much Mini First Aid!