St.Stephen's School

Fairplay House

On Wednesday the 25th of November, year 5 went on a spectacular visit to a residental trip to fairplay house in Essex. It was a brilliant moment for those who conquered their fears and learnt something new. We participated in a variety of different types of activities and general skills, such as caving, high-ropes, tracking and archery, as well as making our own bed and washing up! It was a brilliant oppurtunity for us all to try new and exciting activities. At first some of us were scared, however we persevered and faced up to many of our fears. It was our responsibility to do things on our own: we set out the tables for meals and all had turns cleaning up too. The scariest activity was the high ropes because it was aproximately 30 metres above the ground, it wont matter if you fall because the rope is completely secured. We were very fortunante to learn how to use a real bow and arrow, some of us proved quite a good shot! Most of us were petrified of caving initially, however we worked as a team to help control our fears. Exploring and tracking in the woods was great fun, getting out of London and into nature was so fulfilling because we got to explore nature and to do challenges at the same time. During the night-walk, we stepped into lots of mud which was like quicksand and all of the puddles that were really deep.

We enjoyed some relaxing time in the evenings; a particular highlight for us all was our pyjama and hot chocolate film night! To top it off, we also held a St. Stephen’s Got Talent event that was very impressive: we certainly have talented children in year 5! Overall we all had a fantastic experience at Fairplay house and would love to go back. Thank you to all our teachers and instructors who gave up their time to bring us to Fair Play House and enabled us to have such a great experience!

Mahek, Shona, Reda, Zehrin & Landen.

Year 5