St.Stephen's School

Eshal’s Swimming Recount

In the last two weeks we have been going to the London Aquatic Centre, which is in Stratford, Newham. This is because we are learning how to develop our swimming skills. I like swimming because it can be relaxing and you can float in the water and wander off into a different world. 

We took either 238 or the 104 bus to go straight to Stratford. Then we walked to the Olympic Park, passing the exciting Westfield Shopping Centre. In addition, these are the things we took with us: a big bag, a dry towel, a swimsuit, a cap and goggles (optional).

The rules that we did have to follow for swimming was no diving, listening to the teacher at all times and no running after you have officially completed your lesson, as you can slip. The equipment we used were a noodle that was indeed very soft and keeps you floating. The strokes that I successfully achieved were breaststroke with a float, backstroke and front crawl. I’m going to have to say when you always climb into the water it is always very cold that you want to jump back out. When you start to swim your body starts to feel warmer, as you start getting used to the water.

Over the two weeks, my teacher was a male and he was called Sam. His personality was patient and by the way he was a very good teacher. He was always smiling at me and saying funny jokes to me. My teacher taught me to love swimming as it is a key life skill and saves people’s life from danger.

This splendid experience has made me feel like I want to jump back in the azure pool. I feel very grateful that St. Stephen’s Primary School has given us an opportunity to go swimming at one of the best swimming centres in the heart of East London. I would really like to thank all the staff for organising this beautiful trip for us. My proudest moment is when I jumped in the 1.2metre pool and swam. To be honest it was very DEEP!

When I go back to the Aquatic Centre next term, I would like to be able to learn how to do the front crawl much better and learn how to do a dolphin kick. I would give the London Aquatic Centre five-star rating because they have very highly qualified teachers, and the good thing about this place is that the teachers come into the pool with you to teach everyone the key swimming skills, which is excellent. 

Also, I would recommend this place to every child and family member in Newham and beyond. This has been the greatest moment for me so far in Year 5 and I would never forget this incredible lifelong skill of swimming being taught to us at the London Aquatic Centre. 

Thank you St. Stephen’s Primary School for this amazing journey and the great experience!