St.Stephen's School

Environment Week

Last week was another busy week for the pupils of St. Stephen's.

We  noticed that there was lots of talk on the news about PLASTIC POLLUTION so we decided to do some further investigating...

Did you know that...

1) A bin lorry load of plastic dumped into the oceans every minute?

2) Plastic constitutes 90% of all litter in the ocean?

3) Over 1 million seabirds and 100,00 marine mammals are killed every year  through plastic pollution in oceans?

4) If this carries on, by 2050 at which point there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean?

As a school we wrote letters to lots of important people to tell them how enraged, disappointed and disillusioned we feel about this.

We write letters to Stephen Timms MP for East Ham, Sadiq Khan Mayor of London and Theresa May the Prime Minister. We are ready to make a stand!

As a school we knew we needed to make a difference to and so we interviewed Sue our cook about ways we can use less single-use plastic at lunch time and on school visits. We spoke to Neena and Mark too who said they would support Sue in making these changes.

As well as all this, we wrote songs, raps and poems, some of us made plastic and designed our own bags and year 5 even made their own short film.

Another busy, thought-provoking week!