St.Stephen's School

Engineering Week 2019

The federated school took part in STEM week focusing on Engineering.  We focused on engineering as there is a huge shortage of engineers in industry in particularly female engineers.

The week started with a ‘Parent and child’ homework project where families worked together to design and make something to solve a problem. We were mightily impressed by the quality and range of projects which were all innovative and creative.

Throughout the week the children took part in engineering projects where they designed and built chairs, boats, marble runs and bridges from spaghetti.  Each class then brought their best project to be judged in the final at the end of the week.

We also had workshops with Engineering students from a London University, TFL worked with our Year 3 pupils on Transport for the Future and we were very lucky to have one of our pupils who works as an Engineer for TFL come in to talk to our KS1 children.

Curriculum Evening had a whole range of activities for our children and parents to take part in. We were blown away by the number of people who attended and everyone had to walk through a maze as they entered.  We had a guest speaker Dr Arti Anhal who did a short presentation on the importance of developing resilience and independent skills in our pupils.

We also had maths workshops for the KS2 children, who took in a Number Fluency and Times tables competition.  A big well done to 4JW and 6EW who were our competition winners.

Overall, it has a very busy and exciting week in which all the children have gained a deeper understanding of what is engineering and I am sure we have inspired some budding Engineers for the future!