St.Stephen's School

EYFS Sports Day

On Thursday 9th June, our Reception and Nursery children took part in the EYFS Sports Day. We were so excited to try lots of new sports activities as well as the favourites we know and love. We have been practising our sports with Coach Ray in preparation for the day and we were ready to show our parents what we had learned. There were 8 sports activities including track racing, javelin, shot put and vertical jumping. We also took part in an egg and spoon race which we were very excited about.

In between the sports, we had a chance to rest and enjoy some delicious oranges and drink some water, which we know is healthy for us. Best of all, our parents were there to watch us compete and they cheered us on as we went along. At the end, the parents and carers got the chance to compete in their own track race. Our parents can run extremely fast! The sun was shining and it was a wonderful day.