St.Stephen's School

E-safety workshops

E-Safety workshop with James
On Monday 9th February, 4KC were privileged to attend the interesting and important E-safety workshop with the amazing drama master called James Frecknall. 
As we sat down, we didn’t have a clue about what we were in for. James introduced us to his drama based E-safety activities. We were told to spread out and whoever we were nearest to was to be our partner. Unexpectedly, we had to cross our arms and try to unlock them without letting go of each other’s hands. Eventually, everybody found out that one person has to look at their partner’s back. The message was that we have to work together and that you have to trust the other person.
After that, we played a funny game where we had to close our eyes whilst James silently tapped a child on the shoulder, person A, would go to one side of the board (which could symbolise a computer screen) and the person B was on the other side. Then, person A would say something whilst disguising their voice and then person B would say something else. Then they would guess who the other person is. 
The purpose of this game was to show that we never know who we might be communicating with via the internet, unless we are using Skype or Video Conferencing.
Thereafter, James asked us questions about E-safety and we had to either go to the side of the room that said ‘Yes’ or the side that said ‘No’. There was no right or wrong answers, but we had to give reasons for our choices.
The last and most exiting activity was where James had written a review about Toy Story (petefromthestreet). There was a response to it. This message read ‘Great review. Problem though-that picture is from Toy story 3 #duh’. James had given us a piece of paper and a pen so that we could write an appropriate response. As soon as we finished the message Pete himself had come to St. Stephens! The same messenger (smartman25) sent a message that asked for personal details. We decided to respond by saying ‘I am not comfortable with this Bye’. We know that we should not tell anyone your personal information online as we don’t know who they might be.
Written by Sarbjit Bal