St.Stephen's School

Dawud’s Swimming Recount

In the last two weeks, I have been swimming at the London Aquatics Centre, located in Stratford, E20. To get to the Aquatics Centre, we took either the 238 from Whitfield Road bus stop, or we took the 104 from Plashet Road. It takes, at most, 30 minutes to get there.

We took our swimming suits, which were swimming shorts for males, and one-piece suits for females. Goggles were optional. We had to take a big bag, a plastic bag and a swimming cap.

Over the last two weeks, I have learnt how to do the front crawl and float on my back with my first teacher, Layla, who was absolutely incredible!! My second teacher, Louise, taught me how to do the backstroke, how to breathe while doing the front crawl, how to do the breaststroke, how to do the dolphin/butterfly and how to tread water. I can guarantee absolutely nothing was easy. I was also being assessed, which didn’t make it easier.The equipment we used were floats/flutter boards, noodles, and pretty obviously our own bare arms and legs.

I used to beg my mum to tell the school that I have COVID and that I can’t come. Now, I’m begging her to take me for more swimming lessons, because these two weeks have made a positive impact on my attitude towards swimming. My proudest moment was when I showed off my skills, like the front crawl, backstroke, dolphin, breaststroke and treading water, off to my family.

When I go back next term, I would like to be able to swim at least 25 metres on my front and improve on the backstroke, by using my arms consistently. For the breaststroke, it’s being able to respire, and for the butterfly, it’s everything. I would like to be able to do feet-first sculling and head-first sculling. 

Overall, my swimming experience was incredible! It is definitely going to be amazing next term because these first weeks were really good, so I expect next term to be just as good. If anything it should be better.