St.Stephen's School

Dad's take part in Krypton Factor

On Friday 17th June dads, grandfathers and male carers were invited into school to spend the morning with us. This morning was unlike any other! Pupils were mixed in with other year groups and were faced with challenges that helped them develop their team work and perseverance skills. The challenges faced were in different zones including the physical zone, mental zone, creative zone and general knowledge zone. Across the school pupils and dads were attempting origami, obstacle courses, puzzles, problems, bridge building and weaving. A year 6 pupil said “the dads were very helpful and respected our ideas.” Whilst a year 3 pupil said that he learnt not to give up. “If you give up you won’t accomplish anything.”

The Newham recorder visited us as well that morning and they wrote an article about it. Please find the link to article here.