St.Stephen's School

Culture week

The whole school thoroughly enjoyed celebrating Culture week before half term. Staff and children completely immersed themselves in British culture, from famous poets to more recent pop stars and current artists. Year 2 created a secret trail of Banksy artwork whilst Year 3 prepared fascinators for a glamorous affair at The Royal Ascot! Year 4 explored the delicate artwork of David Hockney and Year 5 created fine art pieces inspired by Sidney Paget. They also engaged in a murder mystery Maths challenge in the style of Sherlock Holmes. Year 6 enjoyed learning about British musicians, including The Beatles, The Spice Girls and Elton John. At the lower end of the School, Reception engaged themselves in English literature, whilst Year 1 created potions and re- enacted scenes from Macbeth. Alongside classroom activities, some pupils were fortunate enough to partake in folk music and dance workshops and a couple of teachers enjoyed this too! The week concluded with a festival of British Culture in the School Hall. Parents were invited to see the work the children had produced, while the choir sang British songs and the dancers showcased what they had learned. The week allowed children to explore the diverse cultures and traditions in their country and it enhanced their love for learning.