St.Stephen's School

Christmas Week and Snow Ball

We were delighted, once again, to explore and celebrate Christmas in a multitude of ways last half term. In class we learnt about the Christian story which Christmas is based upon; explored the concept of giving and sharing our time with loved ones; and made a variety of decorations and Christmas themed crafts to support our learning and celebrations. The National Christmas Jumper Day took place on the same day as our Christmas lunch where adults and children sat together to eat a delicious Christmas lunch with puddings and crackers. The dining hall was beautifully decorated with handmade decorations from across the year groups and festive music was played. 

Our children were incredibly excited with the return of our Snow Ball event. This is a bespoke event designed for our children at St Stephen’s whereby dance routines are taught through our PE lessons and then showcased in our year group event. All three classes for each year group came together in the school hall where we danced, played games and enjoyed practising the skills of socialising.  Dances ranged from Candy to Conga!