St.Stephen's School

Careers Day

Here at St Stephen’s, we want all our children to aspire high and to become confident, capable contributors in the modern British world. We believe that children should be educated about the array of professions in the world, the importance of further education and how to plan their future years.

We held a Careers’ Day and Evening to encapsulate these principles, which required all children to think about their aspirations; their current and future goals and their future educational journeys.

During this exciting day, children from Nursery to Year 6 came into school dressed as the profession they want to be when they grow up. We had a plethora of amazing and very aspirational costumes including paleontologists, oncologists, pediatricians, dentists, lawyers, policemen and women, firefighters, businessmen, engineers and many more! In addition to this we welcomed a Medicine and Engineering student from King’s College London, who ran question and answer sessions with our Year 5 and 6 children; real lawyers came in to run law lessons exposing children to the skills required to be a lawyer; workshops were held leading children to assess their own skill set; an energetic costume parade ensued; some very talented and brave children delivered speeches about their future aspirations and many more activities all linked to aspirational thinking took place. The day was thoroughly enjoyed by all!

The evening was just as worthwhile as the day. We invited a range of top professionals to speak about their career journey and they provided valuable advice about how to achieve goals and why it is so essential to aspire high and to be determined in achieving your dreams. We were honored to hear speeches from a top property lawyer; an award winning media professional; a management consultant educated by Eton, Sandhurst and Oxford University; CHANEL’s head of Recruitment; a BBC senior director and an ex-pupil of St Stephen’s studying dentistry at King’s College London. It was a truly inspiring evening, which amplified the importance of having high aspirations and being determined in our quest to success.