St.Stephen's School

Careers Day and Careers Evening 2018

Here at St Stephen’s, as mentioned in our vision statement we passionately believe that all children should leave our school as confident, respectful people who will contribute positively to the community.   We want them to be aspirational contributors in the global community, where one day they will seek a career which will bring them happiness, fulfilment and economic wellbeing.  We believe that it is highly important that both our children and their parents are educated early about the importance of careers and planning for the future.

We held a Careers’ Day and Evening which required all children to think about their aspirations and future goals.   

During this exciting day, children were inspired by a range of top professionals who came into school to run workshops with the children.   They spoke about their journey to their chosen career and the skills needed to do their jobs.   We had a Female Engineer, a Curator from the Natural History Museum, a Banking Consultant and an Officer from the Merchant Navy.  The children were truly inspired and asked lots of questions to find out more.   

Our youngest children in Nursery and Reception came into school dressed as the profession they want to be when they grow up.  It was amazing to see such a wide range of aspirational costumes including palaeontologists, pediatricians, dentists, lawyers, policemen and women, firefighters, engineers and many, more!   

The evening was just as worthwhile as the day. We invited a range of top professionals to speak about their career journey to our older children in Years 5 and 6.   The children alongside their parents were provided with valuable advice on how to aim high and to broaden their horizons, thinking beyond their day to day experiences.

We were honoured to hear speeches from a Careers Director, a Banking Consultant and Edupreneur, a Pain Consultant and a Scientist from the Natural History Museum.  It was a truly inspiring evening, which amplified the importance of having high aspirations and being determined in our quest to success.

We also had Dr Munro from Cambridge University who came in to talk to our upper KS2 children about applying to university and what life is like at university.

Overall, a highly successful day in which all children were able to think about their dreams and future careers.