St.Stephen's School

Career's Day 2023

The Career's Day, on Friday, 1st December, was an exciting and enlightening experience for the pupils as they had the chance to explore a myriad of professions. The event aimed to broaden their understanding of various careers and inspire them to pursue their passions and interests.

Each year group had the privilege of hosting professionals from different fields, providing pupils with firsthand knowledge about diverse career paths. The visitors shared their experiences, educational backgrounds, and the day-to-day responsibilities of their jobs.

The pupils gained valuable insights into the working world, discovering the variety of career options available to them. The event emphasised the importance of pursuing one's passions, continuous learning, and adaptability in the ever-changing job market.

Overall, Career's Day 2023 was a resounding success, leaving a lasting impact on the pupils and inspiring them to dream big about their future careers.


Reception - Chef                                                                                        Year 1 - Baker



Year 2 - Graphic designer                                                                          Year 3 - Accident and Emergency Nurse



Year 4 - Legal Officer                                                                                 Year 5 - Salesman for a Software Company



Year 6 - Forensic Examiner



Our future professionals!