St.Stephen's School

Care Home Visit

The youngest and oldest children here at St Stephen’s Primary school spent the afternoon spreading some Christmas cheer on Friday 7th December. Children from the nursery and year 6 visited a local care home and sang a range of carols, accompanied by a saxophone and some festive sleigh bells. They even took some carol sheets along with them so that the residents could join in, which they thoroughly enjoyed doing.

The afternoon began with a swift bus journey to the destination, where they were greeted with refreshments by the accommodating staff. The nursery children then sang their own Christmas numbers: ‘Jingle bells’, ‘When Santa got stuck’ and ‘The reindeers on the bus.’ The residents were delighted with the performance.  It was then time for the Year 6 children to perform. They sang a range of traditional carols and were accompanied by the enthusiastic voices of the residents, who were clearly embracing the Christmas spirit. The performance concluded with a collaborative rendition of ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas,’ whilst the Nursery children helped guide everyone through the actions they had created for this song. To finish a wonderful afternoon, the Nursery children presented the residents with delicious home-made cookies. It was safe to say that everyone was feeling slightly more festive by the time the afternoon was over.