St.Stephen's School

Brilliant Club 2023

Last term, some of our Year 5 pupils completed another successful project in collaboration with King’s College London as part of the ‘Brilliant Club’ programme. Working alongside an outstanding PhD tutor, pupils engaged in a Science topic all about the heart and the biological systems within the human body. Throughout the project, children learnt invaluable skills such as analysing information; note taking during lectures and self directed study. The final assessment was an essay all about the function of the heart.

The children all successfully completed their assignments and we were invited to King’s College London for the Graduation Ceremony. It was a very exciting day, where they were given a tour of the College and an insight into life beyond school and the opportunities University has to offer.

 We would like to say well done to all children who took part in this challenging and rewarding project. We are looking forward to working with the ‘Brilliant Club’ programme again this year.