St.Stephen's School

Barge Haybay Residential

group photo of children on barge trip with teachersIn early March, 24 very lucky children went to Barge Haybay. The Barge, which is located in HeyBridge, is a little houseboat with a kitchen, cabins along with a place to hang your coats up. We had several activities: Night walk, high ropes, canoeing, and orienteering (how to follow a map). Add in the duties, which we always had to do, there was a lot of hard work.

children kayaking

In my opinion, the barge gave me an opportunity to use my skills of individuality and gain some independence. I have learnt life skills and hope to use those skills in the future. All of us enjoyed every single moment there (even washing the dishes).

By Ashwini Pillai 5J

children climbing tree