St.Stephen's School

Autumn Forest Visits

Reception in the Forest

In October, the Reception children went on a magical trip to Aldersbrook Forest. We took two buses to get there, which we found very exciting! Once we were in the forest, we learnt all about the canopy that the trees create, which blocks out the sunlight. We used all of our senses to explore the forest and especially enjoyed taking a big sniff of the forest air. Our teachers told us about the magical little people who live in the forest, including their King and Queen. We found lots of forest treasures and built tiny houses for the little people to live in. After playing, we had a delicious picnic altogether. After that, we went to find a giant Horse Chestnut Tree, which had hundreds of conkers underneath it! We collected them and brought them back to school. Thank you to our parents, who came on our wonderful forest trips with us!