St.Stephen's School

Arvon House

Day 1

Our journey to Arvon house began at 10:30, when we made our way to the train station. At the train station we got on a one hour train ride, leading us to Paddington station. While we were waiting for the next train, we were split into two groups at the train station. Each group had the chance to investigate people and we had to describe and predict were they came from. When we got on the next train, Mary Jane had brought some fun quizzes and riddles to play with. After three and a half hours on the train we arrived in Exeter. We got off the train and went on a mini bus journey over hills and beautiful countryside. Also 3 people had the privilege of being able to travel to Arvon with their own VIP taxi (Rashida Halimah and maryjane) . When we arrived at Arvon house, we were shown to the barn, where we met Emma Carroll and Jacob Sam La Rose. We also met Helen the cook, Eliza and Louise. We were then shown to our rooms - the girls slept upstairs and boys slept in the pig styes. The rooms are amazing and we are settling into our new home for the next few days. The dining room is huge and for dinner we sat around the biggest and grandest dining table. We all used our fantastic manners at the table whilst eating our delicious pasta bake and brownie & ice cream. Before we went to bed, we were shown around the house and then given a fun introductory workshop by Emma and Jacob.  Finally We were sent to bed at nine o'clock.

By Jannath

Day 2

Yesterday we had a wide variety of workshops to increase our knowledge of English. To start our day, Emma Carroll explained to us how to use pictures to create questions to help us create ideas for writing. With Jacob we thought about our important memories and eventually created a poem using the help provided in our 1:1 tutorials. After the day had passed, we celebrated Halimah's birthday by making a mouth watering cake that we shared amongst ourselves. We are also allocated into teams to create dinner for everyone. Today we look forward to meeting our guest, and funny poet, Mike Garry.

Hamza and Adam

Day 3

We began our eventful day with a delicious buffet breakfast which consisted of  an option of cereals, toast with spread such as Nutella, strawberry jam or marmalade.
At 9:30, we all gathered at the barn for our first morning session with Jacob where we wrote adjectives to describe the moon and then wrote some poems using similes all about rivers, the piano, and family. Then at about 11:15, after a little break, we re-congregated in the barn  for our writing session with Emma where we were 'world creating'. This was where we had to create our own fantasy worlds where the characters of our new stories would live.
Then we had our lunch which was buttered bread with curry if we wanted. After this, we went for a country walk which lasted 2 hours and was about 3 miles long. We had a great time and were getting muddy with our boots on but when water seeped into our wellies, we were anguished. However, when we got back we had some free time to clean ourselves until dinner which was beef sausages with mash.
To conclude the day, we listened to Mike Garry, a renowned poet, share his poems and stories about his life. We now look forward to sharing our pieces of work with the rest of the group.

Siddarth and Hassan

Day 4

Today was quite a busy day. Filled with excitement, all Arvon residents were at the peak of happiness when having the most splendid dinner: periperi  chicken and banana split, which was cooked by team 3 (Alyah, Rashida, Halimah, Siddarth, Naeem and Abdul). Most importantly, this was the last opportunity to have a full day together as friends, teachers and as a big family. As a memory, we treasured our time together by autographing each other's books to keep this moment forever ! This was fun to do and much more we got autographs form Emma Caroll and Jacob Sam-la Rose.
What a pleasure! Although we were extremely busy, we had the whole afternoon of free time. This valuable time was used to create many new stories and poems, playing the piano or ukulele, cooking our dinner and a moment to enjoy some delicious biscuits and anything we wished to do by the wishes of our teachers.

This trip has provided us with various benefits. This was helped by Jacob Sam-La-Rose, Emma ,Eliza and all the lovely staff. We may have been writing for a week but we also had the time to bond with each other and make new friends. Today we also had the chance to perform our best writing and to show off our creativity in the showcase. This also improved our confidence to express ourselves in many multiple ways. We all appreciate and thank all of the staff from school and Arvon Residential for having us and wish you best in the future ahead. We all swiftly gained much knowledge from you  in this experience and hope to use this in the future of year 6.

By Alyah and Aleeza and Rashida