St.Stephen's School

Amanda Spielman and Caroline Dulon Visit

On 6th December 2023, St Stephen's Federation were honoured to welcome a visit from Amanda Spielman, His Majesty's Chief Inspector of Education, Children's Services and Skills. 

Ms Spielman's role as the chief inspector of OFSTED means she has visited hundreds of schools during her career and so we were especially proud that she chose to invite Caroline Dulon, London's regional director for OFSTED, along with her.

Both Ms Spielman and Ms. Dulon had the opportunity to meet some of our wonderful children, who shared their work eagerly and confidently and explained what it was like to be a pupil at St. Stephen's. They shared our vision and WE CARE philosophy with clarity and authenticity. 

Our kindness ambassadors were eager to share the importance of our 'Wellbeing Boxes' and invited our guests to post a card, to share their feelings. Ms Spielman posted her reflection, which read, "Visiting this school made me very happy and very optimistic about the future".

Before she left, she also commented that she would like to commend Neena and her team on the school's exceptional work. She hopes that Neena, the school and the whole school community are very proud.

Visits from important external guests like this are an ongoing testament to the hard work that our federated schools and Children's Centre provide for our children and their families.