St.Stephen's School

A visit from Vicar Quintin Peppiatt

On Wednesday 26th of November, Key Stage 2 had the privilege of a visit from Vicar Quintin Peppiatt, a member of the local council and a priest. He spoke about being a good Samaritan during the whole key stage assembly and later in the day he spent time with years 3 and 4. During this time, he explained to the children about the Christian faith and the way they celebrate events during the Christian calendar.

The day that Vicar Quintin came to St Stephen’s was the day that we appreciated eye-sight and its value. Vicar Quintin, a member of the local council and a priest, played a fun game with us. The feeling game consisted of two children touching different items whilst they were blindfolded and trying to figure out what it was. It may seem like an easy thing to do, but it was quite tricky. The participants had to rely on their other senses. To calm down at the end, we thought about being a good Samaritan and had a prayer.

By Fatima, 6D

After lunch on Wednesday the 26th of November, Vicar Quintin came to year 3 and spoke to us about his religion. Five children from each year 3 class got to ask him questions to find out about Christianity. One thing I learnt is that Christian priests wear different coloured outfits for different parts of the year. At Christmas and Easter they wear purple outfits. I really enjoyed listening to him talk about what Christians do and how they celebrate festivals like Easter and Christmas.

By Alisha, 3L