St.Stephen's School

Kindness Ambassadors

As a school, we expect all our pupils to be kind and respectful to each other, however, we have a group of children, one from each class, who are our St. Stephen’s Kindness Ambassadors, who promote the importance of being kind to all and support their peers at playtime.

Here is what our Kindness Crew wanted to say:

“We are the Kindness Ambassadors. We have been elected by our classes because of our friendly, welcoming and inclusive attitude towards our peers. We role model how to be a good friend inside the classroom and outside in the playground. We have check-in meetings every fortnight with Misbah, the pastoral manager, where we talk about our roles and strategies we can use.”

“Please come and find us and talk to us if you are looking for a game to play or need confidence to find a friend and we can help! We have special badges and armbands so that we are easy to spot!”


Wellbeing Ambassadors



Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

RJM - Shreya Patel

 RLP - Mohmmad Arhaan

RNO - Aliza Rizwan

1AG - Rumaysa Ahmed

1JR - Zara Raja

1SS - Hidaya Begum

2EW - Ibraheem Ismail

2PM - Raiyan Kabir

2NB - Sidney Jules

3JC - Zahra Ali

3DH - Zainab Rameez

3MK - Saara  Zarif

4RF - Noah Choplin

4PC -  Muhammed Saleem

4LD -  Fatimazahra Achhodi

5EW - Ahmad Wasti

5JL - Aradiya Shahid

5RM - Maryam Patel

6AQ-Inaaya Mumtaz

6CC - Aisha Harif

6AW - Kameel Mohammed