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At St Stephen’s School we strive to create an environment which is accepting, safe, secure, welcoming and challenging, in order to enhance learning and promote success in the social, emotional, physical and academic development of our school community.

We are therefore committed to the notion of equality of opportunity for all members of our community. Through our curriculum we seek to provide equality of access for all, to the experiences and opportunities available within our school. Our Accessibility Plan can be found on our School Website.

All children are encouraged to meet high teacher expectations to ensure that they reach their full potential and develop into a responsible and successful member of the community in which they live.

For a more detailed explanation of our provision for children with SEND, please see the ‘SEN Information Report’ document on our website.



Alex Dias – Assistant Head Teacher for Inclusion

Sheena Kelly – Special Educational Needs Coordinator-Primary

Emilie Johanson - Assistant Special Educational Needs Coordinator

Karen Young- Special Educational Needs Coordinator-Nursery

The Newham Local Offer

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