St.Stephen's School

Home Learning Platform

Dear Parents, 

Whilst your children are self- isolating or absent from school due to the coronavirus, please support us in providing continued education for them. 


Reading Books: We cannot stress the importance of daily reading during this time, so we have provided a list of age-appropriate, teacher recommended books for you to read with your children. These can be found with the year group homework sheets.

Digital Home Learning:  This is a list of websites that will support your child. Pupils have been provided with passwords for these.

Please read and follow this Online Safety Notice

Workbooks for Home Learning: Here is a list of suggested activity books that you can purchase for the pupils and we have provided links below to other activities that you can do with them. 

Life skills: Whilst your children are at home, please ensure they continue to develop their life long skills as listed on the attached sheet. 

Action for Happiness Calendar: 30 suggested activities to look after ourselves and each other as we face this global crisis together. 

Daily Schedules - Here are some suggested learning schedules to support you and your children in having a daily routine:

PLEASE NOTE: Your children's teachers will continue to provide weekly homework tasks for the pupils. These will be found in their usual location. 


A message from Newham Library

"Here is a link to our online resources that children can use remotely."

Online resources

"They will need a library card but they should be able to join online."

Join the library online


Helping to keep students reading

During school closures, we want to make sure that every child has access to daily reading, which is why we are announcing access to over 6,000 digital books with myON, as well as myON News, which provides daily news articles reviewed by child psychologists, helping to ensure students make sense of current events.

Now freely available for students to use!