St.Stephen's School

Eco Ambassadors

The pupils at St Stephen’s are environmentally aware and care about the environment.
To promote this further and support everyone's understanding we have Eco Ambassadors from across the school.

The role of the Eco Ambassador is to ensure that everyone is environmentally conscious.
They are responsible for remembering to, and understanding why we should turn the lights off when they are not in use, turn off the interactive white board when the children are at play and lunch, ensuring waste is kept to a minimum and that water is used wisely.

The Eco Ambassadors are proud to promote looking after the school environment through Eco assemblies and ensuring each class is playing their part to become more environmentally friendly.



Eco Ambassadors



Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

RJM - Ruhan Attique

RLP - Stephania Moldovan

RNO - Ashar Mohsin

1AG - Haseeb Hussain 

1JR - Kayden Hussain

1SS - Muhammad Yusuf

2EW - Shanaya Mohajan

2PM - Aarsh Islam

2NB - Abujuhafar Shahid

3JC - Aryaan Ahmed

3DH -Mustafa Mukadam

3MK - Manha Islam

4RF - Yahya Sameer

4PC - Nabiha Fatima

4LD - Nicole Hrytsyshyn

5EW - Sigba Khurram

5JL- Maria Mahmood

5RM - Eshal Fatimah

6AQ-Nohas Mohammed

6CC - Birat Das

6AW - Maria Uddin