St.Stephen's School

Digital Ambassadors

At St. Stephens, we also have a team of digital ambassadors who understand that the internet is a source of wonderful knowledge that is ever evolving and a staple tool for everyday life. However, they also understand the importance of keeping safe online. Their job is to provide support and guidance to their peers.

Our digital ambassadors have a love of computing and are confident in their use of technology and want to share it with others. They will help Shabana in their computing lessons, support the messages of online safety events in school as well as deliver assemblies.


Digital Ambassadors


Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

3JC - Suraiya Islam

3DH -Prem Patel

3MK - Saavan Khela

4RF -  Khadija Fatima

4PC - Dylan Patel

4LD - Mohammad Ashar Yawer 

5EW - Joel Williams

5RM - Eshan Qureshi

5JL- Farhin Kazi

6AQ-Mann Patel

6CC - Mishal Fatima

6AW - Isa Ahmed 





















KS2 Digital Ambassadors