St.Stephen's School

Healthy Schools Award

Healthy Schools London


Healthy Schools London is an Awards Programme that reaches out to every London child, working with schools to improve the wellbeing of children and young people. We are delighted to inform you that not only do we have the Bronze and Silver award, but in April 2024, we were also awarded the Gold Healthy Schools Award.

 Gold Award Certificate

To achieve a Gold Award, we had to provide evidence that we have significantly impacted change in two different areas across the school. We were able to show that the work we did here at school had a direct impact on the lifestyles and choices of the children in school by:

  • increasing the number of children that understood how to maintain good oral hygiene and the importance of it.
  • increasing the number of children that feel physically fit.

At St. Stephen’s Primary, we understand the importance of supporting our children in knowing and making healthy lifestyle choices. The benefits go beyond health - we know that when children are healthy and happy at school, they can and will achieve more.


Parents and families have a powerful role in supporting children’s learning, health, and emotional well-being at home and at school. When parents are engaged in their children’s school activities and initiatives, children choose healthier behaviours, and have better social skills. Children who have parents involved in their school lives also are more likely to avoid unhealthy behaviours and they are less likely to be emotionally distressed.


There are simple ways you can help support your child’s health and emotional well-being in school and at home:


Attend health workshops provided by the school. 

Talk to staff about any health concerns you have about your child.

Try simple strategies at home like asking about your child’s feelings, focusing on their strengths, and modelling positive coping skills to manage stress, like going for a walk.

Cook and eat healthy meals together.

Go for walks and if possible, walk to school.

As a family, visit the dentist every six months.