St.Stephen's School

Early Years

St. Stephen’s Primary School

Reception Rationale


“Every St. Stephen’s child blossoms into a confident, respectful, modern British citizen prepared to be an aspirational contributor in the global community.”


Reception Curriculum Vision

  • High Expectations for all children - Enable all our pupils to achieve their full potential.
  • Nurturing relationships and welcoming environment - Balance of direct teaching, adult guided and child initiated 
  • Quality first teaching and provision  
  • Inclusive practice
  • Independent, confident and articulate children 


Reception Curriculum Fundamentals

  • Immersive and  layered learning - Characteristics of Effective Learning underpins practice
  • Core Book Approach
  • Basic skills  and Independence 
  • Speech and language is part of the curriculum and carpet sessions inc. Nursery rhymes, music and phonics
  • Enrichment through dress up days, parent workshops and local visits


Reception Annual Breadth of StudyReception Termly Knowledge OrganisersReception Planning Calendars

Early Years Progression Documents Reception Events Diary Early Years Vocabulary Ladder