St.Stephen's School

Curriculum Ambassadors

At St Stephen’s, we are proud to have Curriculum Ambassadors in each year group. The role of the curriculum ambassador is to talk confidently and eloquently about all the learning that happens in their classrooms. They are able to support their peers and work with co-ordinators. By working collaboratively, they aim to improve their knowledge and understanding of the subjects taught as well as being champions for the immersive curriculum.

Here is what our curriculum ambassadors have to say:

“We are proud to have been chosen as the Curriculum Ambassadors for the school. We are passionate about our learning and celebrating our diverse and dynamic curriculum. We champion our learning to our peers and to visitors at the school. We are always on hand to help others and model what good learning looks like at our school. We would love to take you round our school and show you how our enriching and inclusive curriculum is mirrored through our displays and books.”

Please come and talk to us about what we have been learning! 



Curriculum Ambassadors



Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Siyana Ahad

Harris Khansia

Hareem Khan

Kabir Khela

Thilinee Serugi-Lugo

Lethishan Rajmahan

Zainab Ushawa

Sufyaan Patel 

Sufyaan Patel

Khadija Islam

Umair Chowdhury

Zoya Rahman

Safiyyah Islam 

Sahaan Vaghela

Eesa Saleem

Rumaysa Khoyer

Dania Khan

Adbul-Raheem Mohammed

Swara Vyas

Aaron Fryer

Nishtha Parekh Merunnisha Patel

Jarif Ahnaf

Muhammad Abdullah 

Aaron Salehin Mia

Vihanutha Balagoni

Zayaan Ali-Muhammed

Eesa Ramzan

Marwah Ozair

Zakariya Mahmed

Aiyzah Rasool

Vedant Dhakecha

Zumaynah Zahid

Muhammad Tosif

Afifah Ali 

Zain Amdavadi

Ayaan Mudasir

Isra Irfan

Khadijda Bhuta

Naksh Patel

Maryam Saleem 

Yousha Sameer