St.Stephen's School

Class RLP

Welcome to RLP

We are very excited about being in Reception and we show this by coming to school on time and every day! We are going to be very busy bees over the coming year as we will be practising lots of skills to make us independent, happy learners! We are making new friends and learning to be independent. We change our clothes on our own for PE and eat with a knife and fork in the dining hall. We are listening to a wide range of stories, learning many nursery rhymes and songs. 

This year we will be working really hard with our Phonics so that we can read some amazing stories. Please read with us every day at home and ask us questions about the story, so that we can help both our imagination and vocabulary to grow! 

In maths we are going to practise counting as high as we can and in our Maths lessons will help us develop our understanding of all the numbers to 20 as well as our number bonds to 10. This will also help us grow in confidence when adding and taking away using objects.  We will also have fun sorting, organising and interpreting objects and numbers.

We are looking forward to learning even more about the world around us and how to take care of it. Also, we will be learning about the seasons, different countries and visiting local parks and forests. 

Our teacher is Laili Pervin and we are so lucky to also have the support of lots of different adults, especially our Senior Support staff, Gentiana Aga. If you want to visit us, we can be found in Room 3.


Class RLP

St. Stephen’s WE CARE Rights and Responsibilities   

At St. Stephen’s Federation, we believe that all our pupils, staff and school community share the same WE CARE rights. 

The class rules are created and agreed with all the children in the class. 

WE CARE Rights

Our Defined Charter


To be safe, happy and healthy

We will: eat our lunch and exercise daily. 


To share our views and listen to others.

We will: speak clearly and confidently.


To be polite and use our manners at all times.

We will: say please and thank you.


To understand and appreciate each other, no matter who or where we come from.

We will: be kind to everyone.


To treat others, ourselves and our environment with kindness.

We will: look after our classrooms both inside and outside.


To aspire and achieve our potential and beyond.

We will: try our best everyday.