St.Stephen's School

Class 6EH

Welcome to 6EH.

We are kind, respectful and enthusiastic pupils who are delighted about all the exciting opportunities our final year of primary school has to offer.

Our teacher is Elin Harding, and we are also supported by Lalita Varsani.

Year 6 is a very exciting and challenging year. With SATS scheduled for May, we are ready to put in lots of hard work, perseverance and determination over the course of the year in order to prepare. During this year, we will be building on our previous learning in both English and Maths, as well as learning new skills such as algebra. Our Immersive Learning curriculum will enable us to build on our life skills by helping us improve our teamwork, communication and problem solving skills.

We’re also looking forward to the additional opportunities of Year 6, such as the exciting school production, which will allow us to show our flair for performance and creative arts. Some of us will also have the opportunity to visit Wick Court Farm this year, which will improve our independence skills to prepare us for secondary school.

We are looking forward to a hard-working, enthusiastic last year in primary school!


6EH Class Charter

Each class at St. Stephen’s Primary School will complete a class charter, outlining agreements for members of the class and duty bearers (adults). All pupils are entitled to receive their rights. This class charter will form the basis of a display in class, be displayed on the class website page and also be used for class disciplinary matters.



Our definitions

Class Charter


To be safe, happy and healthy.

Article 24- Every Child has the right to the best possible health.

  1.  To keep hydrated throughout the day
  2. To learn strategies to help care for our mental health.


To share our views and listen to others.

Article 12- Every child has the right to have a say in all matters affecting them.

  1. To express our opinion confidently in class
  2. To listen to others views and opinions without judgement


To be polite and courteous at all times.

  1. Use exemplary manners all around the school
  2. To appreciate the food that we eat at lunch, and thank the staff that prepare it for us


To aspire and achieve our potential and beyond.

Article 28- Every child has the right to an education

  1. To work hard to achieve our personal goal
  2. To support our peers with their own learning and goals


To be respected, respect others, ourselves and our environment.

  1. To care for the equipment we use in class..
  2. To Always respect each other's opinions.


Everyone receives the same treatment.

Article 15-Every child has the right to think and believe what they want and to practise their religion.


  1. Treat others how you would expect to be treated
  2. To not use stereotypical language