St.Stephen's School

Class 5EW

Welcome to 5EW!

Our class teacher is Ms Eluned Williams and our senior support staff continues to be Mrs Krupali Trivedi, along with an extended team of educational assistants. You can find us working hard and supporting each other in Room 16.

This year we will be diving deep into the world of the Amazon rainforest, studying the causes and effects of WW2 on the world and experimenting with forces. At St Stephens, we learn through immersive and enriching opportunities. This year we will be lucky enough to visit the Imperial War Museum, bringing history to life.

During the year we will develop our creative imagination and storytelling through our exploration of renowned authors and  texts. Our core books include Journey to the River Sea, Rosie Raja and The Tempest. Alongside our reading, we will compose emotive poetry, internal monologues, reports and character descriptions in detail. By the end of year 5 we will have the ability to express our views confidently, hold meaningful debates and collaborate successfully with a range of peers. In maths, we look forward to engaging in topics, such as, conversion, decimals, percentages and algebra. We will also continue to work on our quick recall of our times table knowledge.

We have already created and signed our class WE CARE charter. This will ensure that wellbeing, expression, courtesy, acceptance, respect and excellence is always at the forefront of our learning, allowing us to become confident, respectful, modern British citizens who are prepared to be an aspirational contributor in the global community.

This year will be full of interest and we are excited to take you along with us, experiencing new learning and enriching experiences together!



Class 5EW

St. Stephen’s WE CARE Rights and Responsibilities   

St St. Stephen’s Federation, we believe that all our pupils, staff and school community share the same WE CARE rights. 

The class rules are created and agreed with all the children in the class. 

WE CARE Rights

Our Defined Charter


To be safe, happy and healthy

We will: work on changing difficult situations into positive opportunities. 


To share our views and listen to others.

We will: speak up and not worry about what others might think.


To be polite and use our manners at all times.

We will: use appropriate and respectful language in person and online. 


To understand and appreciate each other, no matter who or where we come from.

We will: understand and stand up for discrimination, celebrating diversity.


To treat others, ourselves and our environment with kindness.

We will: understand and respect others’ beliefs. 


To aspire and achieve our potential and beyond.

We will: strive to achieve our goals and persevere in learning new skills.