St.Stephen's School

Class 4LD

Hello and welcome to 4LD!

We are a thoughtful, caring and respectful class who are on an exciting learning journey this year, and our enthusiasm knows no bounds! Our classroom is in room 15 and our teacher is Laureta Doci. We are really lucky to continue to have Hazra Thawa, our senior support staff member, who will help us in year 4. 

We have created our WE CARE Charter to hold ourselves to high standards and expectations. This is in order to become more resilient, respectful and confident individuals, both in and outside of class.

This year, in Maths, we will continue our journey to develop our mathematical fluency, sharpen our reasoning abilities, and hone our problem solving skills.  In preparation for our upcoming national screening later on in the year, we will also practise our times tables regularly and diligently so we can achieve 100% in the test.

We will also embark on a captivating journey with our English and immersive curriculum, delving into topics such as ‘Votes for Women’ and ‘Vicious Vikings,’ where we will enhance our writing and reading skills.  

One of the most anticipated experiences this year is our Year 4 swimming programme.  We are incredibly lucky to learn this essential life skill at the prestigious London Aquatic Centre, a place steeped in Olympic glory and the training ground for many Team GB athletes. During these sessions, we will gain invaluable skills and knowledge about water safety. 

This year is filled with numerous fun educational opportunities and experiences. We are looking forward to giving our best efforts and challenging each other to be our very best!


Class 4LD

St. Stephen’s WE CARE Rights and Responsibilities   

At St. Stephen’s Federation, we believe that all our pupils, staff and school community share the same WE CARE rights. 

The class rules are created and agreed with all the children in the class. 

WE CARE Rights

Our Defined Charter


To be safe, happy and healthy

We will: be kind, support each other and look after our health by exercising everyday.


To share our views and listen to others.

We will: share ideas, help one another and listen to each other.


To be polite and use our manners at all times.

We will: hold the door open for each other, have good manners and greet each other. 


To understand and appreciate each other, no matter who or where we come from.

We will: always help others no matter their background, and respect each other’s views and beliefs.


To treat others, ourselves and our environment with kindness.

We will: use our manners, clean up after ourselves and one another. We will recycle and reuse wherever we can. 


To aspire and achieve our potential and beyond.

We will: make sure we come to school everyday, always work hard to achieve our best, and not give up.