St.Stephen's School

Class 4JR

Welcome to 4JR!

We’re keen; we’re confident and we always give 110%. We are 5JR. You’ll find us beavering away in Room 13.?Our teacher is Jude and he is supported by Tyler, Rama, Mehreen, Jo and the rest of the Year 4 team.

We’ve got a really exciting learning journey ahead of this year, and we can’t wait to get started! In English, we will be reading and writing through our immersive curriculum, delving into our rich topics and richer texts. In Maths, as well as practising our times tables ready for our test later in the year, we will be increasing our fluency by looking at maths in a range of different contexts and representations, developing our reasoning and enhancing our problem solving skills through our mastery curriculum.

We can’t wait to go swimming in Year 4! We are really lucky to be learning this key skill at the London Aquatic Centre in Stratford, following in the footsteps of many great Team GB athletes, in a place steeped in Olympic glory. Who knows? Maybe there's a future gold medalist amongst us! At the same time, we will be learning about how to stay safe in and around water.

It’s going to be a busy but awesome year and we’re really excited about all the new experiences and learning opportunities ahead of us in Year 4.


4JR Class Charter

Each class at St. Stephen’s Primary School will complete a class charter, outlining agreements for members of the class and duty bearers (adults). All pupils are entitled to receive their rights. This class charter will form the basis of a display in class, be displayed on the class website page and also be used for class disciplinary matters.


Our definitions

Class Charter

Well being

To be safe, happy and healthy.

Article 24- Every Child has the right to the best possible health.

1. We find reasons to smile

2. We stay safe online and around water.


To share our views and listen to others.

Article 12- Every child has the right to have a say in all matters affecting them.

1. We show others that we are listening.

2. Everyone's opinions matter.


To be polite and courteous at all times.

1.We believe in kindness.

2.We show good manners to everyone.


To aspire and achieve our potential and beyond.

Article 28- Every child has the right to an education.

      1.We always give 110%.

      2. We persevere when we find something tricky.


To be respected, respect others, ourselves and our environment.

1.We look after our classroom.

2.We only have one planet so we care for it.


Everyone receives the same treatment.

Article 2 -Every child has the right to the convention without discrimination.

1.Everyone is different but equal.

      2.We expect fair treatment.