St.Stephen's School

Class 3JC

Welcome to 3JC, an exceptional class full of aspirational and unique young people. Our dedicated team comprises of our class teacher and KS2 Phase Leader Jenna Cooke and Aisha Khankhara, our Senior Support Staff member, who has been supporting the cohort since Year 1. In addition to our team, we have extremely talented Education Assistants who work alongside us in many different ways. You can find us in Room 10, please come and say hello!

We know that the jump from Year 2 to Year 3 is a significant one but it’s an exciting chance to really push ourselves and aspire to be model students. This year we are excited to be learning about topics such as the Plague and the Ancient Egyptians in History, as well as Georgia O’Keefe in Art and magnets in Science. Through these topics we will also be developing our collaboration, speaking & listening and presentation skills. In Maths we will be learning our times tables up to 12 and in English we will be doing lots of creative writing. 

In every area of school life we will follow our WE CARE charter; we will always try our hardest, we will be respectful to friends and adults and we will look after ourselves. We will make the most of every day and do it with a smile on our faces!

We are extremely excited about the year ahead and we very much look forward to sharing and celebrating all that we have learnt with you!


Class 3JC

St. Stephen’s WE CARE Rights and Responsibilities   

At St. Stephen’s Federation, we believe that all our pupils, staff and school community share the same WE CARE rights. 

The class rules are created and agreed with all the children in the class. 

WE CARE Rights

Our Defined Charter


To be safe, happy and healthy

We will: eat at least one piece of fruit everyday.


To share our views and listen to others.

We will: listen well to others by using eye contact and not speaking at the same time.


To be polite and use our manners at all times.

We will: appreciate what others do for us and help others in need.


To understand and appreciate each other, no matter who or where we come from.

We will: not judge others by how they look. 


To treat others, ourselves and our environment with kindness.

We will: help others in need.


To aspire and achieve our potential and beyond.

We will: never give up!