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St Stephen’s School Parent Questionnaire 2016/17


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Strongly agree



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My child enjoys school.






My child is making progress in school because the teaching is good or better.






I feel that my child is safe and well cared for at school.






Behaviour in school is very good.






The school is well led and managed.






The school listens to children’s views.






The school is open and welcoming to the community.






The school seeks the views of parent/carers and takes account of their suggestions and concerns.






Father’s Occupation


Mother’s Occupation



Which parent meetings do you find most useful and why?

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Parent Meetings

Teacher and SEN meetings

All meetings are helpful

Midyear meetings


Spring Meeting

Individual meetings

Please list 3 things that make you proud to be a parent at St Stephen’s?

Management, Teacher’s Commitment, Happy Children, Children’s wellbeing, Children’s Progress, Behaviour, Parent workshops, Engagement of staff with the students, Cleanliness of the school, Outstanding progress, Helpful staff, Schools seeks views of parents, Exceptional Leadership, Strong Values, Safety, Halal food, outstanding facility, Work ethic, Teacher , parent meeting, Listens to concerns, children have a voice, reputation, children are safe and happy, open door policy, good after school clubs, Relationship between the school and parents, Inclusion, Tailored teaching to each student, Outstanding Ofsted report/Friendly staff, homework, Healthy environment,

How would you like to see the school develop in the future?

How would you like to see the school develop in the future?

  • More clubs e.g. drama, cooking, English not just maths and before school sports
  • Become 1st best school in Newham and better nationally
  • Competitions e.g. essay writing, poetry reciting, drawing, Science, IT
  • More educational visits
  • Homework – new method makes children lazy, they need to write and read daily
  • Playtime equipment
  • More parent and teacher communication
  • Creativity and practical learning resources
  • Increase in public speaking and confidence skills
  • Bigger assembly hall with theatre style seating
  • More choices for lunch and more healthy
  • Option of packed lunch or home dinners
  • Office staff to be more informed and happier
  • Sports related achievements and competitions

Main outcomes from the questionnaire replies

  • o 99% of parents believe that their children enjoy school and are making good progress because of good or better teaching (1% )
  • o 99% of parents feel that their child is safe and well cared for at school.
  • o 98% of parents think that behaviour is good and 99% stated that the school is well led and managed (2% )
  • o 94% of parents stated that the school listens to the children’s views and is welcoming to the community.
  • o 96% of parents believe that parent/carer views are taken into account by the school (8%)


Quotes from the Parent Survey

“I think the school is good already and the teachers are good.”

 “I would like to see it continue as it is as I cannot find fault in the way the school is run and continue to be an outstanding school.”

“I believe there is strong leadership and a dedicated staff that have the best interest of the pupils in encouraging them to enjoy education and the community that we all live in. I believe that the school is forward looking and will continue to develop to produce well rounded young people.”

 “All parent meetings are excellent, we have been offered enough time to speak and it was a good standard.”

 “Keep up the good work! We are very impressed.”


How would you like to see the school develop in the future?

PTA / Increase parent involvement in school events - We always welcome parents to join Friends of St. Stephen’s however, take up numbers are consistently. If you are interested please contact Zahira Khonat, our Parents and Community co-ordinator.

More competitions and events with local schools - Our revised PE overview now enables year groups to compete at the sports they are learning in borough competitions.

Equal opportunities for all pupils / Girls more involved outdoor – We firmly believe that all children should receive equity of provision at school. This should be mirrored at home.

More holiday clubs – This year, we extended the holiday scheme to 2 weeks, after last summer’s success and to support working parents.

Staff – We endeavour to ensure that all encounters with St. Stephen’s School staff are positive. All staff receive a copy of our school’s code of conduct at the beginning of each academic year.

More playground equipment – We have recently had 2 table tennis tables installed in the garden and we have given skipping ropes to every child in key stage 2 for use at home and in school.

Better communication between parents and leadership – Again This year, the headteacher will be holding Q&A sessions for parents from every class. Anything you would like to discuss can be brought up in these sessions. A representative governor will also attend these meetings.

Increase parent workshops and visits - Educational experiences are the joint responsibility of parents and the school. We take all pupils on a range of visits linked to their learning each term and provide opportunities for parent workshops, themed days and visitors throughout the year. In order to best prepare your children for their learning, parents are encouraged to take their children on a range of visits, local and in London.